Youth Advocates Zimbabwe (NA 013/0910) is a multiple awards winning youth-led organization legally registered and with Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government of Zimbabwe working to advance women and youth’s rights and amplify their voices where it matters. We implement evidence-informed programs that address the complex and interwoven drivers of social and public health problems. Youth Advocates pioneers innovative grassroots programs shifting focus from immediate behavioral factors to the structural drivers that directly and indirectly increase young people’s HIV risk, including poverty, gender inequality, sexual violence, public policies and lack of education. Our mission is to empower young people and communities about their reproductive rights, social justice, and civic responsibilities through advocacy, information sharing, and transformative education. We are a proud recipient of the DREAMS Innovation Awards 2016, MTV Staying Alive Award, People’s Choice community builder Award 2012 and UNESCO Youth Forum Label Finalist 2013. Since 2004, our programs have reached over 375 000 young people, working in partnership with several organizations including relevant government ministries, African Union and United Nations.


We address issues affecting young people and women including poverty, crime, access to education, health care, unemployment, HIV,  human trafficking, drug addiction, limited participation in the political and public life and lack of basic rights and civic responsibilities including those physically challenged and embattled by the odds in society. Since 2004, YAZ work with Adolescents [AGES 10-19], Young adults [20-25] and Young couples [26-31] specifically with those in schools and out of school groups, participants shared traumatizing experiences regarding issues of reproductive rights and decision-making. Some of these include horrifying abortion techniques (several of them leading to Teen deaths), Girls being expelled from school without opportunities to return to continue after delivery. Others include disintegration of family relationships as a result of teen behaviors’ cases of HIV/AIDS among teens and young adults, drug use and ‘sex hawking’ etc. Cases of lack of basic rights, roles, and civic responsibilities were evident during the experience sharing. Our commitment is to help poor marginalized young people and women to access their rights and social protection and realize their dreams through professional youth led action.

IMPACT: Since 2004, our programs have directly supported over 375 000 young women and man including women sex workers, orphans and vulnerable children in 5 provinces.


An empowered generation of adolescents and young people living healthy enterprising lifestyles


Empowering adolescents and young people through knowledge and skills transfer


YAZ’s values are encapsulated in the “three P’s”.

  1. People centered: YAZ works with passionate volunteers to delivers rights based programs that address the needs of our communities
  2. Process quality: YAZ deliver evidence based programs in a transparent and accountable manner
  3. Pioneering approaches: We champion use of technology and innovative approaches


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