Dreams Innovation Challenge

U-report Youth Helpline is a mobile platform that seeks to increase adolescent girls and young women’s access to comprehensive sexuality education and uptake of SRHR services, in the 6 DREAMS districts. Through the platform will also aim to effectively coordinate all DREAMS activities and ensure beneficiaries are taking up services being offered by the service providers thus fulfilling the objective of layering at least 3 services per child or beneficiary.

At the entry point, YAZ will introduce the project to stakeholders and establish critical partnerships necessary for the smooth rolling out of the project.

12 Volunteers; 2 from each of the 6 project districts will be trained on the mobile u-report platform, covering aspects such as registering girls into the database and then refer them for services. In order to register more girls to the helpline database, the 12 volunteers will be attending activities by other DREAMS partners in their districts, marketing (community activation) the helpline to AGWS present in such meetings

2 Volunteers from the Call center where the U-report helpline will be housed shall attend to the platform; sending bulk messages and conducting polls on different SRH issues guided by an SRH manual. The SRH manual will cover all SRH issues which we will focus on so as to realize our intended outcome of increased SRH issues among adolescent girls and young women in the 6 DREAMS districts

Data that will be generated from the helpline will be sorted, analyzed and shared with different stakeholders with aim of influencing decision making on enactment of policies guiding the provision of sexual and reproductive health services. Thus also proving the importance of using mobile health platforms to reach out to young people particularly from the out of school group traditionally considered to be hard to reach with interventions.

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