Two outcomes are envisaged under this key result area:  increased number of young people in decent employment; and 2) increased number of young people operating viable businesses. To achieve these outcomes, YAZ strategy is to deliver activities that support improved work readiness among young people, development of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills among young people, knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and increased access to finance for youth owned businesses.


Work readiness is the key to linking individual and business success to transform the entry-level workplace through a focus on Value Creating Relationships. It can be defined as being able, with little or no outside help, to find, acquire, and keep an appropriate job as well as to be able to manage transitions to new jobs as needed.  Work readiness is attained through development and implementation of innovative platforms for community based internship of young people. Considering that, there are currently fewer job-training opportunities in Zimbabwe as there are fewer companies available, youths no longer have opportunities to prepare them for the formal work place before employment or the skills they require to acquire employment. YAZ creates platforms for community-based internships for young people. These internship programs help prepare them for work.


Entrepreneurship skills are necessary to operate viable businesses. These include financial management, ability to raise required capital and business management in general. We support review, disseminate and scale up current innovative community based training models on vocational skills and entrepreneurship. These were drawn from the successful Life Skills and Job Preparedness program, Gender and Entrepreneurship Training model implemented in DREAMS districts.

In addition to models for vocational and entrepreneurial training, YAZ develops and implements innovative platforms for community-based mentorship of young people. We also do facilitate the exchange of knowledge from successful entrepreneurs to young people to enable a practical and interactive learning process which has other spin offs. For example, interacting with successful members of their communities is likely to motivate and inspire young people to emulate such success.

Access to finance is another critical enabler for young people to engage in viable business enterprises. Two strategies that we have adopted to enhance young people’s access to business financing are;


  1. Creating platforms for linkages between financiers and markets for young people in business – These platforms creates interactive spaces for young people and finance service providers. Through these interactions, young people will gain knowledge on ways to access available financial services, establish networks with providers of financial services and highlight their financial needs and preferences.


  1. Developing and implementing training models on financial literacy and marketing for entrepreneurs – YAZ  develops and implements training models on financial literacy to enhance knowledge in financial services and ultimately increase the young entrepreneurs’ access to finance and financial management.



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