YAZ aims to increase among adolescent and young people;

1) uptake of SRH and HIV services and 2) safe SRH and HIV practices. This will be achieved through interventions supporting the increase of comprehensive and correct knowledge of SRH, GBV, and HIV. YAZ recognizes that to translate this knowledge into changing SRH practices and utilization of services requires a conducive family, community and service delivery environment. Therefore, through this strategy, YAZ will implement interventions aimed at building community support for SRH and monitoring of quality of service delivery.

YAZ will pilot and document innovative approaches to reach the diverse groups of young people. This will include exploring the use of mobile technology and social media to deliver SRH and HIV knowledge and awareness as well referral to service providers. The strategy will also strengthen community-based approaches for information dissemination, peer support, and service referrals. This will include expanding and improving support for the delivery of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools, tertiary institutions and building support for SRH for adolescence and young people among communities and families.

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