YA Adolescents Clinic and Outreach

Located At Youth Advocates Head Office and outreach teams across 9 provinces of Zimbabwe, we partner with Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council, National Aids Council and Ministry of Health to offer all patients the  highest convenient standard of healthcare in an environment of trust, safety and comfort using advanced technology at reasonable cost.

Our registered professional doctors, dentists, therapists, medical technologists, and other staff members are dedicated to provide the necessary consultations, treatments, and care at competitive and affordable rates.


Zimbabwe is experiencing shortage of doctors and nurses making it difficult for public health facilities to offer quality healthcare.

Our upcoming project called S.M.I.L.E (Scientific Medically Improved Laboratory and Examination) is aimed to provide Telehealth and physical affordable, reliable, and attainable SRHR healthcare for adolescents and key Populations. The clinic cater for at least 120+ patients per day who are in need of medical attention.

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