Making A Difference

Committed to Measurable Results.

Youth Advocates is a nonprofit dedicated to adolescents, youth and women development. Its work is improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. The staff includes experts in health, education, economic development, civic engagement, gender, youth, research and technology  creating a unique mix of capabilities that address today’s interrelated development challenges

Youth Advocates is a grassroots organisation with programs in East and Southern Africa.

We live in communities where youth challenges are inextricably linked and so must be the solutions. Improving lives in sustainable, measurable ways is possible only when we connect ideas, resources and people who have a stake in the issues affecting their communities. Through customized responses that address multiple aspects of people's lives, we are able to exponentially increase the impact of our work.

Leading from the Front

Science for Improving Youth Lives.

Our Youth led approach means- we study, test and evaluate. We gather evidence and generate reliable data. The result? A deep understanding of the people and communities we serve and interventions most likely to deliver the greatest impact. It is the art and science we use for improving lives




A Trusted Partner

We are a catalyst, creating opportunities for young people

Our financial, operational and program management systems provide assurance to funding partners and reinforce the capabilities of local implementing partners. We lead and provide on granting.

Transparent Financial Systems

Efficient operational Systems

Measurable Impact

Partnerships for Impact

We work in partnership for positive development

Our focus on impact is amplified through the synergy of partnerships. Our approach symbolizes our inclusive approach to sustainable success, attained only when we partner young people with


Civil society organisations and private sector


Our Volunteers

Join those who help young people in need.

We bring together experts across multiple disciplines to address ever-evolving youth development challenges.

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