Our Vision

An empowered generation of adolescents and young people living healthy enterprising lifestyles.

Our Mission

Empowering adolescents and young people through knowledge and skills transfer.

Data For Dev

Our Advocacy focuses on achieving two outcomes:

  1. Increased resource allocation for youth development;
  2. Increased transparency and accountability in use of resources allocated for youth development.

Achievement of these outcomes is…

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Work Readiness

Two outcomes are envisaged under this key result area:

  1. Increased number of young people in decent employment;
  2. Increased number of young people operating viable businesses.

To achieve these outcomes, YAZ strategy is to deliver activities that support…

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YAZ aims to increase among adolescent and young people:

  1.  Uptake of SRH and HIV services;
  2. Safe SRH and HIV practices.

This will be achieved through interventions supporting the increase of comprehensive and correct knowledge of SRH, GBV, and HIV

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Youth Helpline

A national call center platform and information services portal supporting individual Adolescent Girls, Young Women and Men to use free SMS and Calls to seek Advice, Counselling, and Support in navigating across multiple SRH and HIV services, report barriers that will generate evidence to inform policy changes at the district level…

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Youth Helpline Statistics (January 2017 - August 2017)

Registered Beneficiaries


“I lost my parents when I was 16 years old. Life was not easy for as I could not finish my ordinary level. I then began to sell my body for money and other material things at a tender age. It so happened that I was impregnated for my first child. I eloped but the husband could not take care of me and the baby which made me leave for South Africa where I got involved in drug abuse. I came back to Zimbabwe and I fell pregnant of my second child. I began to live a miserable life and I wanted to commit suicide. During these dark moments, it so happened that I came across YAZ team carrying out their beneficiary identification. I later on got the chance to participate in their LSJP training and got an attachment at Tinashe Fashions as a tailor. This was a complete turnaround of my life as I went through counselling through the Youth Helpline were I received free advice and counselling. I am so happy and grateful now that I go to work every day learning new things. I have built my confidence, I am a proud mother and no longer a sex worker, and neither do I still want to commit suicide.”

When all hope was lost that is when YAZ came into my society looking for girls aged 18 to 24. During the identification I was fortunate to be selected as one of the DREAMS beneficiaries under YAZ. I went for a five day training which was done at Midlands Hotel. The training was a life skills and job preparation programme (work readiness). I learnt a lot during training and I started viewing my life as a blessing and not a curse. Being a teenager mother did not meant it was the end of my life. Soon after the training I was called for an interview at Mesclothing. I worked for five months at Mesclothing. I was now a DREAMS girl as I was no longer a sex slave I had something to occupy my mind. I managed be an empowered women.

Charity Sibanda

Knowledge Base

What is Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse is the intake of chemicals to create an artificial mood with or without knowledge or concern of the possible harmful effects on the individuals, family and society at large.

How To Help a Friend & a Family Member Who Is an Addict?

If you think that someone is addicted to drugs, it is important to handle the situation carefully.Helping a friend is important, however, doing so is not easy and its a path on which you have to be careful not to tread on.Have open communication.

Link between Drugs and Sex

Drugs tend to encourage a level of sexual activities which might increase the probability of unsafe sexual activities. Sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol is associated with high risk sexual behavior. Repeated drug use changes the brain, including parts of the brain that enable you to exert self-control.

Our Current Projects

DREAMS Project (Gweru District)

Adolescent girls are among the most economically vulnerable groups—significantly more so than adult women, men, or adolescent boys. Across all socioeconomic groups, women live worldwide under the constant threat…

DREAMS (Innovation Challenge)

U-report Youth Helpline is a mobile platform that seeks to increase adolescent girls and young women’s access to comprehensive sexuality education and uptake of SRHR services, in the 6 DREAMS districts…

Amplify Change

This project advocates for SRHR policy review and implementation and raises awareness on SRHR using innovative interpersonal communication and activism. It also creates a supportive environment…

The Egmont Trust

Our aim through this project is to scale up the uptake of SRH services by linking young people with a Helpline SMS platform across Zimbabwe. After noticing an increase in calls and messages from other Cities and districts…

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