393 Youth Helpline

The call centre is a mission is to support and strengthen health and well being of young people and communities through empowering, educating and connecting them to opportunities. They can call, text message (SMS) or use WhatsApp to seek confidential advice, counselling and support in navigating services. 

Young people are bombarded with misinformation. But when they call the helpline, they receive information they can trust to be ACCURATE and NON-JUDGEMENTAL

 Through polls and surveys, we collect data from our Helpline interactions. Compiling this data helps support evidence-based, informed policy and decision making. 


A Social Return On Investment by Social Value UK and University of Zimbabwe showed that the Youth Helpline Telehealth service created a Social return of USD14.62 for every USD1 invested, hence it shows that investing in the Youth Helpline presents a good return on investment. 

Improved linkages for users to service providers.

The Youth Helpline also encouraged adolescents and community member to give feedback without fear and gave them an opportunity to interact with professional counsellors. 

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